Using the balanced angles shown below, determine the direction of each line traveling clockwise around the traverse.
Perform appropriate math checks(s).

Point Angle (left)
H 128°31'38"
J 67°51'02"
K 127°24'40"
L 49°14'35"
M 282°41'22"
N 64°16'43"
Azimuth HJ = 279°16'45"    

At point J



At point K

At point L

At point M

At point N

At point H

Compute back into beginning azimuth and check for a match


Line Azimuth
HJ 279°16'45"
JK 31°25'43"
KL 84°01'03"
LM 214°46'28"
MN 112°05'06"
NH 227°48'23"