Self Study: Stereo Photos

Problem (1)

 A set of stereo photographs were take at a height of 3850 ft above datum with an airbase of 1100 ft. Coordinates on the photographs of two points, H and K, were measured as:

  Left photo Right photo
Point x, in y, in x, in y, in
H 0.88 2.79 -1.31 2.74
K -0.81 -2.27 -3.17 -2.31





Part (a)

Which point is at a higher elevation? Why?

Part (b)

What is the horizontal ground distance between the two points? Determine to nearest 10 ft.


Problem (2)

In order to achieve at least 65% endlap, what airbase must be used for a 152.528 mm focal length camera with a 9 inch by 9 inch negative format flown at 2700 ft above terrain level? Terrain is relatively flat.


Problem (3)

Photography is flown using 60% endlap and 30% sidelap between flight lines. Average terrain elevation is 1250 ft and flying height was 3000 ft above datum. What is the ground area, in acres, covered by a neat model? The camera had focal length of 6.00 inches and 9 inch square negative format. 


Solutions: Stereo Photos