3. Adjustment Equations Summary

a. Compass Rule

kLat, kDep  Adjustment constants

Equations K-3 and K-4

Equations K-5 and -6

b.  Transit Rule

kLat, kDep  Adjustment constants

Equations K-7 and K-8

Equations K-9 and K-10


c.  Crandall Method

Computations are a bit more involved because distances are adjusted by least squares. Topic XV. Least Squares Lite covers least squares adjustments in greater detail and ways to efficiently perform the complex computations which generally requires software. The equations presented here are based on those developed by Professor Crandall in the early 1900s, way before computers or even calculators (think slide rules). They are a relatively efficient way to manually perform the adjustment on a simple traverse.

k1, k2  Adjustment constants

Equation K-11

Equation K-12

Equations K-13 and K-14